Leah Bonde-Langenfeld, Licensed Professional Counselor obtained her Masters of Art degree in Professional Counseling at Lakeland University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Development from the University of WI-Green Bay. Leah has over 6 years of experience working with adolescents and adults.  Leah has specialized training in working with individuals who has experienced traumatic events, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, and other types of trauma.  Her training also includes working with juveniles who has committed sexual offenses.  Leah is trained in EMDR therapy, an evidenced-based therapy that supports healing from trauma and other negative life events.  

Leah can be reached at: 920-286-2203.

Availability: Leah is not accepting new clients at this time

 Ryan Groh,  Licensed Professional Counselor/Owner/Clinical Director of Guided Path Counseling, LLC treating individuals,  and families..  At times in Life, we become encompassed by a storm front that suffocates our confidence, hope, and perhaps even our existence. Our storms may include depression, divorce, uncertainty about marriage, a career, or loss of a loved one.  Many of us are reluctant to change.  I believe we have the "opportunity" to experience trials, which force us out of our comfort zone, motivating us to get the help we need. For it is how we navigate thru the trials of life that determines our success in the future.

You have nothing to be ashamed of, for we are all broken in some ways. No matter what other people have made you believe about yourself, you certainly are worth the time to be heard and understood. 

Hypothetically speaking, if you were told you needed glasses but had 20/20 vision, you probably would get headaches and would damage your vision (e.g. symptoms). The take home point is, what we have felt, thought, and believed from others (whether right or wrong), forms our perspective, which has a significant impact on how we see the World and OURSELVES


I believe as Humans, we  are motivated by emotional nurturance, acceptance, and support,  which is a necessary for a healthy development. I am a therapist who believes in fostering an emotional connection with the client to "re-parent" the individual into understanding their true needs and what they have been neglected of.   We all have suffered childhood wounds, which impairs our personality/development/behaviors.  Our wounds  lead to the development of the "false" self, which is our way of coping with the trauma we have experienced. My goal with clients is helping them discover the beautiful child inside themselves, and  assisting clients in shedding their toxicity  in a healthy manner. 


For Those Contemplating becoming a healthier person. Two huge misconceptions many people have. "I don't know If I'm Ready" Well, for those who have children will understand this example. For no matter what money you put aside or the "nesting" a mother father do prior to becoming parents, you are NEVER ready for all that a newborn encompasses. In the same respect, Therapy is a life altering commitment. The simple fact, that you are open to change/are unhappy where you are at in life is VERY telling. It means the healthy part of you, wants to speak out. It becomes a matter of when you are willing to listen to that little child inside of you, that wants to heal.

The second misconception is that, if I cry/become vulnerable " I AM WEAK." Sadly, over the years I have spoken with clients who were taught it was not okay to express sadness but anger was acceptable. The truth is that Sadness is a very healthy emotion. It helps us to bleed out the toxicity within us. In our society (media, family, peers) it may not be acceptable for people to exhibit sadness. However, in my opinion the ability/decision to express emotion, is a sign of STRENGTH. For an individual willing to expose themselves, make themselves vulnerable, conflicting potential social scorn is Strength. If we do not allow our pain to be REAL and let it out, we can not be conscious of our wounds. Without this consciousness many people tend to internalize their sadness and anger, which can lead to a lot of problems (e.g. rapid thoughts, panic attacks, lack of motivation, sleep problems, and suicidal ideation to name a few). So again, please remember there are a lot of things in life we are not "ready" for. We tend to look up at the mountain, thinking of how much work it will be to change, rather than envisioning what that beautiful view may be from the top. Secondly, it takes strength to admit you are weak. It is in our willingness to become vulnerable that we can make a weakness a strength.


 THE TRUTH IS.....................

You possess much greater limits and strength than you may realize. Getting started is not easy, and being hesitant or unsure is a normal part of the process. Something to keep in mind though, by doing nothing or avoiding suppressing your mental anguish will not make things better. In all likelihood, unfortunately things may actually get worse. The positive thing is, if you're browsing "mental health service" websites, such as mine you have already begun to accept that you are struggling, and that you may need to look outside your support system for guidance along your life path. Which is huge! I wish you the very best on your journey.   

Availability: I am currently not accepting new clients at this time.