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Leah Bonde-Langenfeld

Licensed Professional Counselor

With 10+ years of experience and specialized training in the treatment of

trauma, my passion is working with adults and adolescents on their healing

journey. I believe that healing occurs in an environment that is

compassionate, honest, respectful, supportive, and safe. I strive to create

this in every interaction with those who choose to work with me.

Often traumatic experiences lead to anxiety, depressed mood, intrusive

thoughts, distressing memories, sleep difficulties, shame, and negative

beliefs about self. These impact relationships and day-to-day life. My goal

is to help clients go beneath the surface to uncover and address the source

of their symptoms, so relief can be achieved.

Because every individual has a different path, I use an integrative approach

in my counseling practice. I am trauma-informed and implement a variety

of evidenced-based therapy modalities, including Cognitive-Behavioral,

Somatic, and Narrative Therapies. When appropriate, I utilize Eye

Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy modality that

is highly indicated for those who have experienced traumatic or distressing

life events. For more information about EMDR, go to

If you are ready to go down the path of healing, please contact me to

schedule a brief meet and greet or phone consultation. I am happy to

answer the questions you have and determine if I am the right fit for you. I can

be reached at 920-286-2203 or

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