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Ryan Groh

Licensed Professional Counselor

Clinical Director



Availability: Currently accepting new clients. 

Have you ever been out in the cold for a while, and despite the amount of blankets you enwrap yourself, you are still cold?  I believe some therapies only address the outside layers, rather than addressing the CORE of our being. You  can "clip off a dead branch" (e.g. desensitize a symptom). But did you really address the core issue that caused it? You feel a certain way, but why? 

 You hear how people don't attract the right people, well the theory of Repetition Compulsion tells us we attract people based upon what things were like in our upbringing, thus our choices are largely subconscious.  Which is why it is so important for a health care provider to understand our roots!   Ultimately, helping us to become a "better" version of ourselves. As we become able to better understand ourselves, our needs, our  worth, and exposing the defense mechanisms  that have held us back. Otherwise we repeat the same patterns over and over and expect things to be different! We are the ones who must change. 

I provide an eclectic approach, largely based upon Psychodynamic psychotherapy and Person-Centered theories. In addition, I also use Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills when necessary.  Philosophically, the healing is based upon a foundation in "re-parenting"  providing the client's TRUE SELF, the nurturance, protection, support, acceptance, and validation it needs to grow. 

Our False self, is very sympotomatic and is a result of the things we have gone through and/or experienced in life. I assist clients in helping their True Selves grow into what YOU are suppose to be and desire, while assisting clients in getting rid of those yucky symptoms of their "False Self."

I enjoy working with clients (individually) suffering from low self esteem/self worth, anxiety, depression, grief, mental abuse/narcisstic abuse, shame, suicidal ideation, and female clients struggling with codependency. 

Availability: I have a waiting list for new clients. 

Ryan can be reached at: (920) 349-1002

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