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Welcome to Guided Path Counseling! 

Are you feeling lost, confused, depressed, or uncertain about your  current Path? Over 20 years ago, I was ready to drop out of college. I had a plan coming out of high school and was set on becoming a physical therapist with a lot of accurate empathy from rehabbing my knee surgeries  from sports. Yet, when I got to college, things just were not working out. I just wasn't feeling it. I remember telling my mom I was going to drop out of school, and remember the shreek in her voice. She questioned me, "well what was your favorite class in High School?"  I remember getting excited and immediately recalling my Human Behavior class, the rest was history. I received my Bachelor in Science in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Concordia University.  I went on to Lakeland College to receive my Master of Arts in Community Counseling. Back in 2012, I had another difficult decision. Do I continue working at the practice  I was working, or do I get out of my comfort zone, get past my fear of failure and open my own private practice? 


Inspiration of  Business Name

At that time, I was thinking well If I do open my own private Practice what would I name it? I'm not sure if you have seen the movie ''What Dreams May Come" ? In my opinion the greatest love story of all time. Essentially, a man willing to risk his own eternity to visit his wife who is in hell. The setting of the story is Robin  Williams plays a father of two kids, happily married to his wife. One day, his kids along with the baby sitter are killed in a car accident. Years later Robin Williams witnesses an accident, and plays a good Samaritan by trying to help the victim in their overturned car. A car behind Williams didn't see he had stopped, killing him as well. Williams goes to heaven where he meets Cuba Goodings Jr. (an angel) Cuba lets Williams know his wife took her life and is in hell. Williams believes his wife is his soulmate, and wants to see her. Williams demands that he travel to visit his wife, despite Cuba's warning him he might not be able to come back. Cuba and Morgan Freeman walk thru the transition into Hell with Robin Williams....  Thus, the inspiration for the business name, guiding people through there hell here on earth.


We all go thru seasons of life, where we feel alone, empty, uncertain, scared. Even worse, we may have come from family systems which might blame us for the way we feel or we just feel it's pointless to talk to some people because those thoughts and/or feelings are not accepted. I believe it is truly important for us all to heal and find a therapist who truly cares about us in a wholistic sense.


Integrity and Beneficence


You are important and You are a big deal. I screen all potential clients. I am not the best therapist for every client nor do I have the expertise to treat them all. Thus, I want to get to know you and your struggles to insure I am a good fit for you. If I am not a good fit I certainly will do my best to provide you with professional referral sources for a provider(s) whose expertise may be a better match than mine. I can not state enough the importance of finding the right fit between client/therapist relationship. Often people will look for whose in network or the gender of the therapist. In my opinion, expertise and the rapport or connection is a big deal, and something for you to seriously consider. We offer free therapy shopping 15-20 minute meet and greets no notes taken. Truly is a benefit to both the therapist and the prospective client to feel the sense of liberation and added confidence in previewing the relationship before committing to one. 


Thank you for taking the time to check out our webpage. Just know that simply looking into counseling is a BIG first step. I truly wish you the best on your journey. Please let us know how we can help. 



-Ryan Groh, LPC., M.A. 

 President, Founder, Psychotherapist 

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